Cameron County - Coastal Inlands

Bird photography in Cameron County (eBird 474 Species observed, 9605 eBirders, 174 Hotspots) includes access to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico with its extensive sandy shoreline, salt marsh inlets and luscious woodland forests, to the scrubby arid brushlands inland. The following "Birding Hotspots" include some type of setup to facilitate bird photography and/or videography.

  • Bay Access Mudflats - open, easy access

  • SPI Convention Center - photography blinds, boardwalk, water features

  • World Birding Center - Boardwalk with close bird views and drips for birds

  • Valley Land Fund (W. Sheeps-Head St.) - feeding stations and water feature

  • Laguna Vista Nature Trail - Bird blinds, feeding station, water feature

  • Laguna Atascosa - NWR HQ and Kiskadee Trail, Lakeside Dr and Bayside Drive

  • Sabal Palm Nature Sanctuary - feeding station and bird blinds

  • Resaca de la Palma SP WBC - feeding station, bird blinds, water feature

  • Oliveira Park - evening parrot roost

  • Hugh Ramsey Park (Harlingen Arroyo Colorado) - feeding stations

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Cameron County, TX

Last Updated 4/14/21