Starr County - Western Areas

Bird photography in Starr County (eBird 367 Species observed, 5091 eBirders, 32 Hotspots) includes access to freshwater wetlands and dense stands of woodland forests along the Rio Grande River, to the northern scrubby arid brushlands inland. The following "Birding Hotspots" include some type of setup to facilitate bird photography and/or videography.

Starr County

  • Rancho Lomitas

  • Salineño Wildlife Preserve

  • Falcon State Park - Bird blind, Feeding stations, water features

Rio Grande Plains

Also known as the South Texas Plains, South Texas Brush County or Tamaulipan Brushlands, this region is characterized by an extensive change from grassland-savanna to dense brushlands. Topography is level to rolling, with elevation ranging from sea level to 1,000 feet. Annual precipitation is 16 to 35 inches with May or June and September the highest rainfall months.