Laguna Vista Nature Trail

About the Area

Trail Park is a walking and jogging trail has been added to the Town-owned 15 acres, located on the west side of Palm Blvd. There are two entrances to this Trail Park, one on Palm Blvd and the other one on Palo Blanco. The Trail Park has three observation blinds along with three natural ponds. Please respect the quiet zones as you walk towards these observation blinds.

Photography Assets

3 Observation blinds each with a feeding station and water feature

In Focus...

Easy Access Species:

  • Migrating passerines are attracted to the feeding stations and water features.

Site Specialties:

  • ?

Access Information, Amenities and Accessibility

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ADDRESS: 1600 Palo Blanco Dr, Laguna Vista, TX
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HOURS: Subject to change without notice

  • Sundays - Open dawn to dusk

  • Mondays - Open dawn to dusk

  • Tuesdays - Open dawn to dusk

  • Wednesdays - Open dawn to dusk

  • Thursdays - Open dawn to dusk

  • Fridays - Open dawn to dusk

  • Saturdays - Open dawn to dusk

ADMISSION FEES (Subject to change without notice): None

PHONE: (956) 943-1793





  • Salty Deciduous Shrubland

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Laguna Vista Nature Trail

Last Updated 4/14/21

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