Hidalgo County - Mid-Valley Areas

Bird photography in Hidalgo County (eBird 446 Species observed, 9858 eBirders, 115 Hotspots) includes access to freshwater wetlands, dense stands of woodland forests, to the northern scrubby arid brushlands inland. The following "Birding Hotspots" include some type of setup to facilitate bird photography and/or videography.

Hidalgo County

  • Estero Llano Grande SP - Bird blinds, feeding stations, water feature and observation deck

  • Frontera Audubon Center - Water features

  • Valley Nature Center

  • Santa Ana NWR

  • Edinburg Scenic Wetlands - Feeding stations

  • Quinta Mazatlan WBC - Feeding stations and water features

  • McAllen Nature Center - Feeding stations and water feature

  • National Butterfly Center - Bird blinds, feeding stations and water feature

  • Bentsen-Rio Grande Val. SP - Feeding stations

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Hidalgo County, TX

Last Updated 4/14/21