South Padre Island Bay Access Mudflats

About the Area

South Padre Island is the largest of the Texas barrier islands and the world's longest barrier island. The Laguna Madre is one of only six other hypersaline (water is saltier than the oceans) lagoons in the world.

Photography Assets

At low tide, the mudflats may be driven allowing your vehicle to act as a slow moving photography blind. CAUTION: Watch for unexpected changes in water depth and take extra care when driving close to the sandy edges of the mudflats for nesting birds. Under no conditions should any attempt be made to photograph any nesting birds.

In Focus...

Easy Access Species:

  • Skimmers, gulls and terns

  • Shorebirds

  • Wading birds - spoonbills, herons and egrets

Site Specialties:

  • Black Skimmer

Access Information, Amenities and Accessibility

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ADDRESS: Roughly 7300 State Park Rd 100, South Padre Island, TX
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HOURS: Sunrise to sunset




RESTROOMS & PICNIC ACCESS: May be found at the nearby Convention Center or Birding and Nature Center

ACCESSIBILITY: Access is generally restricted to driving in your vehicle or walking with virtually no access for birders using wheelchairs or strollers. Restrooms are available at the nearby Convention Center and Birding Center during business hours.


  • Brackish Tidal Flat

  • Open Water: Gulf

  • Saline Aquatic Submerged

  • Salty Marsh

  • Texas Saline Coastal Prairie

  • Woody Marsh

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South Padre Is.--Bay Access Mudflats N of Conv Ctr

Last Updated 4/14/21